Wednesday, December 14, 2011

flegal greeting card

It was so hard picking a Christmas card.  Liz made this one but I thought it might be hard deciding who belonged to who... So top left is Liz's two, Truman and Chantel who are in New York.  Next is the twins,
Ellie and James who belong to Katie and Brent.  2nd row left is Relle (Sara's)  and Eliza (Andrew's).  Next to them in the tub is Wickman and Tennessee (both Sara's).  The last row is Eliza, Lottie & Henry (Andrew's) and then Wickman, Shipley, Cecelia and Max (all Sara's).   The cute boy at the bottom is my beau.   Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving in St. George
 Cutest Twins ever.
 Katie and Brent ,  James and Ellie

Ellie and James, So Dang adorable
 Fun in the leaves
 Look alikes

 Very Happy Grandparents

I love it when they smile
Thanks Sara for taking such great photo's!

Proud papa
 Beautiful girls!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TWINS Double the fun

Let me introduce Ellie and JamesThis is one of my favorite pictures...holding hands or giving high-fives
Not exactly twins, but almost. Sara was here and was able to attend Kara's shower
Isn't it good she has two arms
They are pretty close in size
Can you tell which is Ellie and which is James

Katie's quote is, "If you think our hands will be full, imagine our hearts"

The fun goes on and on. How could we be so blessed?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dominican Republic

Doug took me on a wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic. We got an amazing deal. Forty dollars per person for this beautiful all inclusive resort. They advertised it at $20 but that didn't include taxes. This first picture is the private beach we frequented. You had a beautiful view of the beach, a hot tub, and private beds that you could relax on.

This was a daily ritual.

This is Doug's perfect vacation..a beach, a good book and plenty of naps.
This one qualified on all three accounts.

The beds were very comfy.

This was the view from the building we stayed in.

Teresa loving the beach

Doug with his movie star pose.

The water was warm enough to enjoy.

The foliage around the resort was beautiful.

We did not venture out, we just stayed at the resort and enjoyed ourselves.
Thanks Doug for a wonderful vacation.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hoppin' John, a Southern Tradition

It's a Southern Tradition that if you eat Black-eyed peas on rice
on the first day of the New Year (Called Hoppin' John), you'll have
good luck all year through. My cute Katie and Mike put together
a Hoppin' John Party and invited the Thompson Crew.
Here we are together...

Eliza, showing you what it's all about.

Savanna and I, she's telling me a good one.

Steve Tate, and Warren Shuman with Cute Mike near the Big Pot (say a tearful good-bye
to my old kitchen)

Doug and I (I sure do love that man), isn't he cute!

Katie and Brent

Playing Ultimate Craphead

Who is the Ultimate Craphead? I didn't hear you Chris.

Another loser, but just for one round. She's a winner in my book, especially
since she's carrying #12 grandchild. Way to go Katie!!

There's a Hole in the Backyard!!

After a very long time planning, revising, and then crossing our fingers
we have it all right, we've begun our remodel. No!, it's not a swimming

Careful opening the back door, you just might fall in.

Too bad that the day after I took Truman back to New York, two bulldozer
came to begin digging this hole. He would have been totally in heaven.

Bring in the New Year

Several Years ago we started a tradition of bringing in the the New Year with
Doug's UFOs. He learned this from his Uncle Bob who lived in San Diego.
We've been enjoying this lost art for quite awhile. This year was
especially cold so it worked very well.

Here we are all together. My niece Mallory was here this year to help us.

Katie and I huddling by the door to stay warm.

Brent lighting the UFO.

Mike lighting another, there is never just one.

Away she goes.. Up the wild blue yonder.

Happy New Year, until next year.